Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Masutado has been commissioned to develop Digital Ambiances for the Asia’s top tech leaders and innovators conference.
Based on key visuals, Masutado designed and edited different animations following the theme of New Technologies:

Our Scope of works:
  • Massive opening video to impress attendees and announce conference's Leader 
  • Digital backgrounds with smooth animations to create different feelings during the 2 days 
  • Binary code animation to illustrate the theme at main entrance floor

Opening Video
Projection mapping using 6 projectors and 1 LED screen 
Resolution: 1.100.000 pixels
Duration 1 min
Scenes: Typo animation to highlight Steve Jobs sentence, lines and squares to evoke 3D world, universe expansion from Big Bang, conference topics appeared around a fast moving planet and finishing with the Earth map and key visuals.

2 projections were set with ultra short throw lenses to create a 8m length animation.

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